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 SignTools 4 For CorelDRAW

SignTools 4 Cutter Setup

Below is a list of vinyl cutters that are compatible with SignTools 4. Click on the link to your plotter model for step-by-step setup instructions.  


AIP 0240
AIP 0330
AIP 0720
AIP 0800
AIP 1120
AIP 1360

Allen Datagraph 724
Allen Datagraph 800
Allen Datagraph 824
Allen Datagraph 830
Allen Datagraph 836
Allen Datagraph 840
Allen Datagraph 848
Allen Datagraph 860
Allen Datagraph 936V
Allen Datagraph 1036
Allen Datagraph 1048
Allen Datagraph 1060
Allen Datagraph Gem 40
Allen Datagraph i-TECH
Allen Datagraph i-TECH Traffic
Allen Datagraph Model 230
Allen Datagraph
Model 315 Sprocket-Trak

Anagraph AE-60E
Anagraph AE-70
Anagraph AE-75E
Anagraph AE-75SB
Anagraph AE-101E
Anagraph AE-120E

APD Extreme PD2400

APD Extreme PD3000
APD Extreme PD4000
APD Extreme PD4800
APD Extreme PD6000

Artsign AS-360
Artsign AS-720

Artsign AS-800
Artsign AS-960
Artsign AS-1120
Artsign AS-1360

ASY 360
ASY 720
ASY 1360

Aristo 1310 SL
Aristo 1317 SL
Aristo 1616 SL
Aristo 1617 SL
Aristo 1625 SL
Aristo AG-50
Aristo AG 750 T

Arlon/Aristo AR/20

BlackCat Cougar C-12
BlackCat Cougar C-13
BlackCat Cougar C-15
BlackCat Cougar C-18
BlackCat Cougar C-24
BlackCat Cougar C-30
BlackCat Cougar C-48
BlackCat Lynx 12
BlackCat Lynx 15
BlackCat Lynx 18
BlackCat Lynx 24
BlackCat BobCat

Bridge 12 inch"
Bridge C-24
Bridge MH365
Bridge Pro
Bridge PRO-360
Bridge PRO-720
Bridge PRO-1350

Calcomp 1034
Calcomp 1044
Calcomp 1044 GT

Calortrans CT-30
Calortrans CT-60
Calortrans CT-120


Cogi B12
Cogi CP 630
Cogi CP 900
Cogi CP 1200
Cogi CX 200
Cogi E-720
Cogi E-870
Cogi E-1100
Cogi E-1360
Cogi PRO B12
Cogi PRO B24
Cogi PRO B48

Cole CL-240
Cole CL-330
Cole CL-365
Cole CL-720
Cole CL-870
Cole CL-1100
Cole CL-1350


Compact-Sign HC751
Compact-Sign HF1201
Compact-Sign HF1202

Copam CP-2500
Copam CP-3050
Copam CP-3500
Copam CP-4050
Copam CP-4500

Creation PCut CR 630

Creation PCut CR 730
Creation PCut CR 900

Creation PCut CR 1080
Creation PCut CR 1200

Creation PCut CR 1300
Creation PCut CS 630
Creation PCut CS 630 G
Creation PCut CS 900
Creation PCut CS 1080
Creation PCut CS 1200
Creation PCut CT 630

Creation PCut CT 700
Creation PCut CT 900

Creation PCut CT 1000
Creation PCut CT 1080
Creation PCut CT 1200

Creation PCut CT 1300
Creation PCut CT 1500

Creation PCut CT 1600
Creation PCut MC 270
Creation PCut CTN 630E
Creation PCut CTN 900E
Creation PCut CTN 1080E
Creation PCut CTN 1200E

Creation(HK) KCUT CX280
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro B12
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro B24
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro B48
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro CA24

Creation(HK) KCUT Pro CT24
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro CT24
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro CT36
Creation(HK) KCUT Pro CT48
Creation(HK) MIKUT B12

Cutok DC240
Cutok DC330

Desay Master Tiger 1000
Desay Master Tiger 2000
Desay Master Tiger 3000

Desay XY-300P
Desay XY-380P
Desay XY-450P
Desay XY-540P
Desay XY-660P

DGI Omega OM-40
DGI Omega OM-60
DGI Omega OM-70
DGI Omega OM-80
DGI Omega OM-100
DGI Omega OM-130
DGI Omega OM-150

Dika C-12
Dika C-24
Dika C-48
Dika DK A3
Dika DK 720
Dika DK 880
Dika DK 1150
Dika DK 1350
Dika DK 1700

Ding DC450
Ding DC600
Ding HC751
Ding HC900
Ding HC901
Ding HC1200
Ding HC1201
Ding HC1500
Ding LIXING 630
Ding SC450
Ding SC630
Ding SC631
Ding SC950
Ding SC1260

Dragon Pro LGZ 1380

E-Laser EL-360
E-Laser EL-720
E-Laser EL-870
E-Laser EL-1010
E-Laser EL-1350

Encad NovaCut 24"(Cut Only)
Encad NovaCut 54"(Cut Only)

EnduraCUT 24"

EzySign ES-630
EzySign ES-780
EzySign ES-1260

Foison C-12
Foison C-18
Foison C-24
Foison C-30
Foison C-48
Foison C-12 Laser
Foison C-24 Laser
Foison C-48 Laser
Foison CT-630
Foison CT-1200
Foison FS-24
Foison FS-48

GCC 02 SignPal
GCC Bengal BN-60
GCC Bobcat BI-30
GCC Bobcat BI-60
GCC Expert 24
GCC Expert 24 LX
GCC Expert Pro EP-60
GCC Expert Pro EP-132S
GCC JII_Jaguar 61S
GCC JII_Jaguar 76
GCC JII_Jaguar 101S
GCC JII_Jaguar 132

GCC Jaguar JAIII 61
GCC Jaguar JAIII 76S
GCC Jaguar JAIII 101S
GCC Jaguar JAIII 132S

GCC Jaguar JAIII 183S
GCC Jaguar JG-61
GCC Jaguar JG-76S
GCC Jaguar JG-101S
GCC Jaguar JG-132S
GCC Jaguar JR-61
GCC Jaguar JR-76S
GCC Jaguar JR-101S
GCC Jaguar JR-132S
GCC Jaguar J4-61
GCC Jaguar J4-76S
GCC Jaguar J4-101S
GCC Jaguar J4-132S
GCC Jaguar J4-183S
GCC Lynx S-30
GCC Lynx S-132
GCC Lynx S-60
GCC Puma PII-30
GCC Puma PII-60
GCC Puma PII-1325

GCC Puma PIII-60
GCC Puma PIII-132S
GCC Puma SP-30
GCC Puma SP-60
GCC Puma SP-90
GCC SignPal GRC-02
GCC SignPal GRC-03
GCC SignPal GRC-22
GCC SignPal GRC-23
GCC SignPal98 GRC-30
GCC SignPal98 GRC-50
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-61
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-76S
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-101S
GCC SignPal Supreme 98 GRC-132S
GCC Ultra GRC-50
GCC Ultra GRC-61
GCC Ultra GRC-76S
GCC Ultra GRC-101S
GCC Ultra GRC-132S

Gerber enVision 375
Gerber enVision 750
Gerber FastTrack 550
Gerber FastTrack 650
Gerber FastTrack 750
Gerber FastTrack 1000

Gerber FastTrack 1300
Gerber GS-15 Plus
Gerber GSx Plus
Gerber GS-750 Plus
Gerber P2C 600
Gerber P2C 750 S/ST
Gerber P2C 1200 S/ST
Gerber P2C 1400 S/ST
Gerber P2C 1600 S/ST
Gerber Tempo 600
Gerber Odyssey

Gongzhend LGZ 630N

Gongzhend LGZ 780N
Gongzhend LGZ 800N
Gongzhend LGZ 950N
Gongzhend LGZ 1000N
Gongzhend LGZ 1150N
Gongzhend LGZ 12000N
Gongzhend LGZ 1380N

Graphityp CSR (HPGL) 

Graphtec 50

Graphtec 60
Graphtec 90
Graphtec 100
Graphtec 120
Graphtec CC300-20
Graphtec CC330-20
Graphtec CE1000-50
Graphtec CE1000-60

Graphtec CE2000-60
Graphtec CE3000-40
Graphtec CE3000-60

Graphtec CE3000-120
Graphtec CE5000-40-CRP
Graphtec CE5000-60
Graphtec CE5000-120
Graphtec CE6000-40
Graphtec CE6000-60
Graphtec CE6000-120
Graphtec FC2100
Graphtec FC2100-50
Graphtec FC2100-60
Graphtec FC2100-120
Graphtec FC2230
Graphtec FC612-09V1/M1
Graphtec FC612-09V2/M2

Graphtec FC2231-60
Graphtec FC2231-90
Graphtec FC2231-EX

Graphtec FC2232-60
Graphtec FC2232-90
Graphtec FC2232-EX
Graphtec FC3000-60
Graphtec FC3000-100
Graphtec FC3000-130
Graphtec FC3100-60
Graphtec FC3100-100
Graphtec FC3100-120
Graphtec FC3210
Graphtec FC3509-60
Graphtec FC3512-90
Graphtec FC3512-180
Graphtec FC3512-240
Graphtec FC4200-50
Graphtec FC4200-60

Graphtec FC5100-75
Graphtec FC5100-100
Graphtec FC5100-130
Graphtec FC7000-75

Graphtec FC7000-100
Graphtec FC7000-130
Graphtec FC7000-160
Graphtec FC8000-60
Graphtec FC8000-75
Graphtec FC8000-100
Graphtec FC8000-130
Graphtec FC8000-160
Graphtec FC8600-60
Graphtec FC8600-75
Graphtec FC8600-100
Graphtec FC8600-130
Graphtec FC8600-160
Graphtec GX3000
Graphtec JX1060 (CUT ONLY
Graphtec JX1130 (CUT ONLY


GRI Pro VinylCutter 15
GRI Pro VinylCutter 24



Helo HSP 360
Helo HSP 720
Helo HSP 1360

Hengxing HX-360
Hengxing HX-630
Hengxing HX-630B
Hengxing HX-720
Hengxing HX-800
Hengxing HX-960
Hengxing HX-1000
Hengxing HX-1120
Hengxing HX-1360

Infiniti FY 880
Infiniti FY 1350

Ioline Classic (HP-GL
Ioline LP 3700 (HP-GL)
Ioline LP 4000 (HP-GL)
Ioline SmarTrac I/S 60
Ioline SmarTrac I/S 85
Ioline SmarTrac I/S 100
Ioline SmarTrac I/S 110
Ioline SmarTrac SC-30
Ioline SmarTrac SC-40
Ioline SmarTrac SC-48
Ioline SmarTrac SC-72
Ioline Studio 8 (HP-GL)
Ioline Super 88

Isel (HPGL

Jiachen JC720
Jiachen JC850
Jiachen JC1100
Jiachen JC1350
Jiachen JC1600
Jiachen JC720 DS
Jiachen JC850 DS
Jiachen JC1100 DS
Jiachen JC1350 DS
Jiachen JC1600 DS
Jiachen JCC-30

Jinka JK240
Jinka JK720
Jinka JK721
Jinka JK870
Jinka JK871
Jinka JK1101
Jinka JK1351

JSI 24
JSI ProK-24
JSI ProK-30

Katana MKII
Katana KII-720

Katana KII-1350

King Rabbit HX-360
King Rabbit HX-720
King Rabbit HX-800
King Rabbit HX-960
King Rabbit HX-1120
King Rabbit HX-1360

KingCut A-630
KingCut A-900
KingCut A-1080
KingCut A-1200
KingCut CT24

Lidar LD-700

Liyu HC-751
Liyu HC-901
Liyu HC-1201
Liyu HC-1202
Liyu HC-1501
Liyu HC-1502
Liyu SC-400
Liyu SC-630
Liyu SC-631
Liyu SC-631E
Liyu SC-800
Liyu SC-801
Liyu SC-801E
Liyu SC-1060
Liyu SC-1061
Liyu SC-1260
Liyu SC-1261

Lynx S-30
Lynx S-60
Lynx S-132S

Master Tiger 1000
Master Tiger 2000
Master Tiger 3000
Master XY-240
Master XY-300
Master XY-300P
Master XY-340
Master XY-380
Master XY-380P
Master XY-450
Master XY-450P
Master XY-520
Master XY-540P
Master XY-660P
Master SC-801E

Maxis LC 47
Maxis LC 59
Maxis LC 72
Maxis LC 80


Mimaki CF-0907
Mimaki CF-0912
Mimaki CF-120P
Mimaki CF-120T
Mimaki CF-1215
Mimaki CF-1218
Mimaki CF-150
Mimaki CF-60
Mimaki CF-60D
Mimaki CF-60P
Mimaki CF-60T
Mimaki CG-3

Mimaki CG-45
Mimaki CG-5

Mimaki CG-50
Mimaki CG-51
Mimaki CG-6

Mimaki CG-60
Mimaki CG-60EX
Mimaki CG-60SL
Mimaki CG-60SR
Mimaki CG-60ST
Mimaki CG-61

Mimaki CG-75FX
Mimaki CG-75FX II
Mimaki CG-75ML
Mimaki CG-9
Mimaki CG-90
Mimaki CG-100

Mimaki CG-100EX
Mimaki CG-100LX
Mimaki CG-100SD

Mimaki CG-100SR II
Mimaki CG-101
Mimaki CG-12
Mimaki CG-121
Mimaki CG-130EX

Mimaki CG-130FX
Mimaki CG-130FX II
Mimaki CG-130LX

Mimaki CG-130SR II
Mimaki CG-131

Mimaki CG-160FX
Mimaki CG-160FX II

Mutoh JuniorPlus

Mutoh Kona 760
Mutoh Kona 1400
Mutoh Kona 1650
Mutoh MC-650S
Mutoh MC-750S
Mutoh MC-1000
Mutoh MC-1000S
Mutoh MC-1300
Mutoh MC-1300S
Mutoh MC-1650
Mutoh SC-500
Mutoh SC-550
Mutoh SC-650
Mutoh SC-650E
Mutoh SC-750
Mutoh SC-750E
Mutoh SC-850D
Mutoh SC-1000
Mutoh SC-1300
Mutoh SC-1400-D
Mutoh SC-PRO 1400
Mutoh SC-PRO 1650
Mutoh TC-650
Mutoh TC-750
Mutoh TC-1000
Mutoh TC-1300
Mutoh Ultima SC-850D
Mutoh Ultima SC-1400D
Mutoh Ultima SC-1600D
Mutoh XP-620C
Mutoh XP-6201C
Mutoh XP-940C
Mutoh XP-9401C
Mutoh XP-1250C
Mutoh XP-1251C

New Hermes Vanguard 7000
New Hermes Vanguard 9000


New Star CP-900
New Star CP-1200
New Star OM-40
New Star OM-60
New Star OM-70

New Star OM-80
New Star OM-100
New Star OM-130

New Star OM-150


OmniSign Plus Advance 720
OmniSign Plus Advance 870
OmniSign Plus Advance 1100
OmniSign Plus Advance 1350

OmniSign Plus PRO 720
OmniSign Plus  PRO 870
OmniSign Plus PRO 1100
OmniSign Plus PRO 1350

Palopoli CCP 52
Palopoli ECO-61 LCD
Palopoli JPP 40
Palopoli MLP 21

Palopoli MLP 24

Panther 61
Panther 76S
Panther 101S
Panther 132S


Pazzles Creative Mini
Pazzles Creative Mighty
Pazzles Creative Pro

Pazzles Creative Inspiration Taurus VC-12 Taurus VC-24 Taurus VC-30 Taurus VC-48 Taurus VC-12 Laser Taurus VC-24 Laser Taurus VC-48 Laser

Plotter Tech 760PI
Plotter Tech 1000PI

Plotter Tech 700SP
Plotter Tech DUET 760
Plotter Tech DUET 1000
Plotter Tech Profile 600E
Plotter Tech Profile 760
Plotter Tech Profile 1000
Plotter Tech Profile 1220

Rabbit HX-360
Rabbit HX-720
Rabbit HX-800
Rabbit HX-960
Rabbit HX-1120
Rabbit HX-1360

Redsail RS360C
Redsail RS450C
Redsail RS720C
Redsail RS800C
Redsail RS1120C
Redsail RS1360C

Refine EH-721
Refine EH-1351

Refine MH-361
Refine MH-721
Refine MH-871
Refine MH-1101
Refine MH-1351
Refine PRO-24
Refine PRO-30
Refine PRO-40
Refine PRO-48

Roland PNC-900
Roland PNC-910
Roland PNC-950
Roland PNC-960
Roland PNC-1000
Roland PNC-1000A
Roland PNC-1050
Roland PNC-1100
Roland PNC-1200
Roland PNC-1410
Roland PNC-1600
Roland PNC-1610
Roland PNC-1800
Roland PNC-1850
Roland PNC-1860
Roland PNC-1900
Roland PNC-1910
Roland SJ-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland CM-300
Roland CM-400
Roland CM-500
Roland CM-12
Roland CM-24
Roland CX-12
Roland CX-24
Roland CX-300
Roalnd CX-400
Roland CX-500
Roland GR-420
Roland GR-540
Roland GR-640
Roland GS-24
Roland GX-24
Roland GX-300
Roland GX-400
Roland GX-500
Roland GX-640
Roland LEC-330 (CUT ONLY)
Roland LEC-330A (CUT ONLY)
Roland LEC-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland PC-50 (CUT ONLY)
Roland PC-60 (CUT ONLY)
Roland PC-600 (CUT ONLY)
Roland PC-12 (CUT ONLY)
Roland PNC-5000 (CUT ONLY)
Roland CJ-400 (CUT ONLY)
Roland CJ-500 (CUT ONLY)
Roland CJ-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland SC-500 (CUT ONLY)
Roland SJ-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-300 (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-300i (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-540i (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-540V (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-300VS (CUT ONLY)
Roland SP-540VS (CUT ONLY)
Roland VP-300i (CUT ONLY)
Roland VP-540i (CUT ONLY)
Roland VS-300 (CUT ONLY)
Roland VS-420 (CUT ONLY)
Roland VS-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland VS-640 (CUT ONLY)
Roland XC-540 (CUT ONLY)
Roland XC-540MT (CUT ONLY)
Roland XC-540W (CUT ONLY)
Roland STIKA STX-7
Roland STIKA STX-8

Roland STIKA SV-8
Roland STIKA SV-12
Roland STIKA SV-15
Roland STIKA SX-8
Roland STIKA SX-12
Roland STIKA SX-15

Secabo C30
Secabo C30I
Secabo C30II
Secabo C30III
Secabo C40
Secabo C40I
Secabo C40II
Secabo C40III
Secabo C60
Secabo C60I
Secabo C60II
Secabo C60III
Secabo C120
Secabo C120I
Secabo C120II
Secabo C120III
Secabo Mini

SeikiTech SK-720DS
SeikiTech SK-850DS
SeikiTech SK-1100DS
SeikiTech SK-1350DS
SeikiTech SK-720H
SeikiTech SK-850H
SeikiTech SK-1100H
SeikiTech SK-1350H
SeikiTech SK-720T
SeikiTech SK-720T
SeikiTech SK-850T
SeikiTech SK-870TX
SeikiTech SK-1100T
SeikiTech SK-1350T

Sign Max SM-12
Sign Max SM-15
Sign Max SM-24
Sign Max SM-30
Sign Max SM-40
Sign Max SM-48


SSK DesignTech 60

Summa DuraSign
Summa D-520
Summa D-620
Summa D-760
Summa D-1020
Summa D-1220
SummaSign D-610

Summa S Class D75
Summa S Class D120
Summa S Class D140
Summa S Class D160
Summa S Class T75
Summa S Class T120
Summa S Class T140
Summa S Class T160
SummaCut D60
SummaCut D75
SummaCut D120
SummaCut D140
SummaCut D160
SummaCut D520
SummaSign D/T 610
SummaSign D/T 750
SummaSign D/T 1000
SummaSign D/T 1010
SummaSign D/T 1300
SummaSign D/T 1400
SummaSign Pro D610
SummaSign Pro D750
SummaSign Pro D1010
SummaSign Pro D1400
SummaSign Pro D1600
SummaSign Pro T610
SummaSign Pro T750
SummaSign Pro T1010
SummaSign Pro T1400
SummaSign Pro T1600

US Cutter MH365
US Cutter MH721
US Cutter MH871
US Cutter MH1101
US Cutter MH1351

Vicsign HL330
Vicsign HL630
Vicsign HL1200
Vicsign HL1600
Vicsign HSF330
Vicsign HSF630
Vicsign HSF1200
Vicsign HSF1600
Vicsign HSQ330
Vicsign HSQ630
Vicsign HSQ1200
Vicsign HSQ1600
Vicsign HW330
Vicsign HW630
Vicsign HW1200
Vicsign HW1600
Vicsign HWQ330
Vicsign HWQ630
Vicsign HWQ1200
Vicsign HWQ1600
Vicsign Q3

Vinyl Express 12 inch
Vinyl Express 24 inch
Vinyl Express EnduraCUT 24
Vinyl Express EnduraCUT Plus 24
Vinyl Express Q-24
Vinyl Express Q-30
Vinyl Express Q-42
Vinyl Express Q-54
Vinyl Express Q-64
Vinyl Express QE-60
Vinyl Express R24
Vinyl Express R39
Vinyl Express VE24
Vinyl Express VE30
Vinyl Express VE40
Vinyl Express VE52

Wild TA-2
Wild TA-2L
Wild TA-10
Wild TA-10 S
Wild TA-10 BL
Wild TA-30
Wild TA-41
Wild TA-100
Wild TA-100 S
Wild TA-100 BL
Wild TA-100 BLX
Wild TA-410
Wild TA-410 E
Wild TA-500
Wild TA-510
Wild TA-510 S

Woodpecker Tec 860
Woodpecker Tec 1160
Woodpecker Tec 1360
Woodpecker Tec SC631
Woodpecker Tec SC1061
Woodpecker Tec SC1361

Zund L-800
Zund L-1200
Zund L-2500
Zund M-800
Zund M-1200
Zund M-1600

Zund P-800
Zund P-1200
Zund P-1600



Please note: We are constantly adding more vinyl cutters to the above list. If your plotter is not listed or there is no link, go to our support page and fill in the Support Enquiry Form.