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 SignTools 4 For CorelDRAW

Roland gR-420 Vinyl Cutter Setup instructions

SignTools Settings

After installing CorelDRAW the next step is to install SignTools. Follow the instructions on page 4 and 5 of the SignTools 4 User Guide.


Once you have installed SignTools, open CorelDRAW and click on the Application Launcher (see picture below) and choose SignTools 4.


CorelDraw Application Launcher



Next click on the "Cut" button and then the "Setup" button. Select the Roland GR-420 from the "Device" drop down box and select your port.

USB Connection

If you are connecting your cutter via a USB connection you must install the Roland driver that came with your cutter first. This will create a an extra USB port that you can select in the SignTools "Device Setup" dialog box.

Ethernet Connection

It is assumed your LAN is setup correctly and connectivity is working between the Network Cutter and workstation.

1) Install SignTools 4 on the desired workstation - follow the standard install instructions contained in the user manual.

2) Open
Corel Draw and click on the Application Launcher (see picture below) and choose SignTools 4.


CorelDraw Application Launcher


3) Select Cut -> Setup, Roland GR-420 from the "Cutter" drop down box.

4) Select the "Local" radio button, then click the Drop-down to see the available ports. If your Cutter network address is included
    in the drop down list, select it and click OK. You should now be able to test and begin cutting.

5) If your cutter's network address is not included in the Ports Drop Down list, follow the steps below to add it as a Windows Printer

    i) Close SignTools
    ii) Navigate to Windows Printers:
        a) Windows XP: Start -> Printers and Faxes
        b) Windows Vista: Start -> Control panel -> Printers
        c) Windows 7: Start -> Devices and Printers
    iii) Right-Click on the SignTools4 printer, select Properties (For Windows 7 select Printer Properties)
    iv) Click the Ports tab -> Add Port
    v) If your LAN is a standard TCP/IP LAN (the most common) select Standard TCP/IP Port -> New Port. If your LAN is not a
       TCP/IP LAN you will need to add a new port type. Click the "New Port Type" button and follow the dialogues to install your
       Port driver, then select New Port.
    vi) Enter your Cutter's Network Address for "Printer Name or IP Address", the "Port Name" field will populate automatically.

        Please note: You can find the TCP/IP address in your Roland VersaWorks software by clicking on the "Printer" menu and
        choosing "Printer Setting". Usually it will be
    vii) Click Next and then Finish to complete adding the port, follow the instructions from Step 2) to restart and configure
        SignTools 4 to use the new port.


Plotter Settings

The next step is to set the plotter to Rotate 90. To do this follow the instructions below.

1. After loading vinyl, select Roll, Sheet or Edge by using the down arrow button and then press the Enter button.
2. Click on the Menu button twice. UNSETUP should be displayed.
3. Click on the right arrow button followed by the down arrow button several times until ROTATE is displayed.
4. Next click on the right arrow button followed by the up or down arrow button until 90 deg is displayed.
5. Press the Enter button.

CorelDRAW Settings

In CorelDRAW's Layout menu select Page Setup. A dialog box will appear. Set Width to 3200mm (126 inches) and Height to 1075mm (42 inches).

Ensure that you are using a Landscape page.

CorelDraw Landscape Page

To set this as a default page in CorelDRAW click on the Tools menu and choose Options. Click on the word Document on the left hand side and ensure all of the options are ticked and click on the OK button.

To cut any object in CorelDRAW, simply place on the page in the bottom left corner. If you wish to cut in a portrait fashion simply rotate your graphics.

Additional note

SignTools 4 cuts from the bottom left of the page either manually place object(s) in the bottom left of the CorelDRAW page or use the "Vinyl Saver" tool with the sliding bar all the way to the left.

You can also click the "Quick Cut" option on in the SignTools "Cut" tool to automatically cut object(s) from where the cutter head is set on your plotter.


Further support

If you have followed these instructions and are still having problems setting up your vinyl cutter go to our support page and fill in the Support Enquiry Form.